Hunting Land for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

January 24, 2023

Whitetail Dreams Real Estate is premier Real Estate Company for Recreational, Farm, Rural Residential, Deer & Deer Hunting Property Sales. Recently we have been notified that Facebook market place with no longer allow sales and rental of property, homes or real estate. That is going to create a huge void in the market place. So, we’ve retooled our website to be able to help folks looking to sell their property in a for sale by owner manner. The number one concern with for sale by owner is you are taking your recreational hunting land, farmland type properties, and you’re trying to sell them in a traditional real estate. It doesn’t necessarily work because the people who are in those sites are being driven there from outside sources and it’s, it’s residential driven. We’ve felt that if you looked at social media and different outlets for sale by owner, there was a lot more problems with it from the sellers perspective. You are getting unqualified buyers and people who have no intention of buying property. You can’t control the negative publicity. Take for example, if a property is up north, you post it for sale on a social media platform and someone comments “it’s full of wolves” and people start commenting. Or a person with no knowledge of a real estate or timber markets comments, “that property is way over priced” you have no way to control that. There is simply no way to discern good information from bad and the buyer that is starting their search is deflated and their dreams of land ownership is crushed.

What do you do? How do you combat that? How do you get the real buyer out of that? So we finally said, listen, we want to help people in every capacity. Even if we are not involved in the sale, we want to help you. We’re okay with that. We want to make sure the real estate transaction is done correctly. We want to make sure that you’re getting as much as you can out of it. And we understand that some people don’t want to use a real estate agent or a realtor to list their property. We’re fine with that. We’ve sat down with our entire team. We came up with a plan, and we said, we’re going to put a for sale by owner for hunting land, recreational land on our website. We’ve done it. It’s going to work fantastic. It’ll be a simple login for procedure, and you can put your property on there. We’re going to kind of walk you through the process of doing that and how we list our properties. It’ll fall right into our properties. So when people want to contact you, they’ll contact you directly.

The other part of that is if you get into a quandary, We’ll be able to help you. Now, in the state of Wisconsin, we’re not allowed to be a facilitator of a real estate transaction. You’ll need and Attorney to do that. But what we can do is list your property at a reduced commission and let you do some of the work that you feel you can and we can help with the rest.

So if you’re here looking at listing your property for sale by owner, we’re going to give you the same platform as we use. It’ll be easy to upload simple to use just plug in the pertinent information and you’ll be able to sell your property to people who have been coming to our website as qualified buyers.

If you decided that at some point the for sale by owner thing isn’t working or you don’t want to go out every weekend and show the property, you don’t have the ability to hook somebody up with lending or point them in the right direction for title insurance or the proper attorney. We can do all of that for you.

So please contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns. But good luck selling your property. We hope it all works out for you.

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