Rhonda Olson

A local girl moved to the big city, made it big, then moved home to enjoy the pace of life in the country.  We’ve all seen the Hallmark movie but Rhonda is living it. Having spent 15 years practicing real estate in the fast paced,  high tech state of Illinois she’s learned a few things. As a Broker Rhonda is well equipped.  Using old fashioned customer service coupled with today’s technology’s she’s ready to help guide you through any real estate transaction you require.

Jeremy VanHulle

Being born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin, Jeremy grew up hunting but it wasn’t until he was introduced to bow hunting when he was 10 that he would become completely obsessed with hunting whitetails. Jeremy has laid down his fair-share of whitetails over the years and his passion only seemed to get stronger as he got more experience and became a more proficient hunter. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg in where his drive and passion comes from.

After graduating high school Jeremy pursued a civil engineering degree but that direction quickly changed when he was introduced to the Abstract and Title Insurance business. After that he spent many years learning the “Land Trade” everything from how property was divided by the government, searching public records, understanding the fundamentals of real estate, chain of title events, mapping legal descriptions to handling real estate transactions to closing. This proved to be the perfect stepping stone into property sales.

Now after nearly a decade of real estate experience and seeing how the small town service was getting lost. Jeremy decided that Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC would be a perfect company for helping hunters looking for that dream property. Old school customer service is how Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC will operate, combining his vast real estate experience with his passion for the outdoors and extraordinary customer service. Jeremy is uniquely qualified to help you in your next land sale or purchase by providing the expertise of a full time real estate broker that loves the outdoors as much as you.

Patrick Young

Patrick Young is a dedicated Real Estate Consultant/Broker and family man located in Green Bay Wisconsin, serving Northeastern Wisconsin. Married with 4 children and 10 grandchildren, who he loves spending his free time with, along with friends in the woods and on the water.

Patrick has worked with customers and clients in some capacity for over 30 years. His goals are:

  • Meeting or exceeding your expectations.
  • Putting you in a position to make the best decision in your real estate transaction.
  • Being a problem solver, making sure you have a smooth real estate transaction.
  • Being a tough negotiator always working in your best interest.

He spent the early days of his career focused on gaining specialized knowledge in real estate one specialty at a time. His pre-professional days can be traced back to being a lifelong outdoorsman, so vacant land/waterfront property were Patrick’s natural starting points.

Guiding whitetails with one of the Midwest’s finest whitetail outfitters taught him about:

• Habitat management to develop trophy whitetail properties.
• Stand placement to maximize opportunities for success.
• Using the wind and thermals to your advantage.

He has guided everyday folks and some of the industry’s leading outdoor personalities on successful hunts, so when friends began to ask him to assess vacant land they were thinking of purchasing, a career in real estate was born and since had dedicated himself to learn every aspect of land. Things such as:

  • Managed Forest Law (MFL)
  • Conservation Easements
  • Surveys
  • Wetland Delineations

Lastly, he focused on residential real estate, where he learned from the bottom up how to become a successful Residential Agent. After successfully learning and proving himself, he then made the decision to become a Real Estate Broker.

Being a part of our Firm has allowed him to provide his specialized services to his clients in way no other Firm can. In his words… “I don’t consider myself a Salesperson, I consider myself a match maker.”

Patrick O'Hearn

A Wisconsin and Michigan licensed real estate broker, Patrick has been helping people buy and sell recreational property since 1995. Particular areas of specialty are recreational lots and land, Wisconsin hunting land for sale, Wisconsin lakes lots, Menominee River property, and cabin and cottage property for sale. Whether he’s in the woods or on the water, Patrick is often heard saying, “I can’t believe this is my job.” Outside of the world of real estate, Patrick is a married father with two children, who also share his love of the great outdoors. If you’re on the hunt for a vacation property in Wisconsin or Michigan, please give Patrick a call.

Patrick Guyse

Born and raised by a family of hunters and fishermen, Patrick has been chasing anything that moves or swims since he was old enough to pick up a BB gun or a Zebco. He attributes his passion for the outdoors to his father. Patrick and his dad have spent countless day’s hunting together throughout south-central Wisconsin. Bow hunting whitetail deer quickly surpassed all other pursuits the first time his dad put him up in a portable stand with a bow in hand at age twelve. Later that year he harvested his first deer while sitting on stand with his grandfather. To say hunting is a way of life in his family would be an understatement.

This obsession led him to pursue a BS in Forest Management at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. Having worked as a Forester throughout Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota, his real estate clients have the potential to receive additional forestry consultation services. He operates Antler Ridge Forestry to assist landowners with maximizing the growth and health of their forest while enhancing wildlife habitat. His background in forestry has proven invaluable whether you are looking to buy or sell recreational property. Working with him will provide confidence and comfort in your transaction as you will be well-informed of the product at hand, land.

Currently residing near La Valle in Sauk county with his wife, Monique; they take numerous trips together every year that provide her with the opportunity to brag about catching more fish, and in some cases, bagging the bigger buck. They are fortunate enough to live on a small piece of ground adjacent to family property, allowing them to walk out the back door and be hunting. Between wo38rking outdoors and living outdoors, it is safe to say Patrick has an idea of what it is to live the Whitetail Dreams lifestyle.

Tom Sharp

Born and raised in central WI, Tom grew fond of the outdoors at a very early age. With mom being a grade school teacher and Dad a high school science teacher, learning why and being outdoors was a constant in his life.

While ducks, squirrels, and grouse kept him busy in the woods, it was the whitetail deer that really drew his interest. With only high pressure public land to hunt, he adapted well and found early success. Now, with almost 40 years of tireless pursuit bowhunting whitetails on public and eventually private land, Tom studied the relationship of whitetail deer and humans and the results are staggering.

25 years ago, Tom put his observations to use. He purchased his first property and began the transformation process with chainsaws and hand rototillers. What he got was incredible whitetail habitat that would hold mature deer. This eventually lead to larger tracts and larger managed habitat. His understanding of what it takes to transform land into a whitetail paradise will give his clients and customers a head above the rest because he has done it, through hard work and pure determination. He loves sharing the knowledge and more importantly, the early mistakes he made that will save you years of work.

Having always worked construction Tom started a construction business in 1999, and eventually purchased an old farm and began to turn it into a beautiful home. A few flips later and he was ready for a new construction. They purchased an old farm and began building a new home and turning old fields, volunteer pines and boxelder trees in whitetail paradise. Having harvested several deer over that 150″ mark, Tom began to just watch the deer mature and begin to see how age structure affected deer. It wasn’t long before he stared seeing results and deer in the 180″- 200″ class started to appear. Fast forward a bit and the central Wisconsin boy fell in love with the bluff country of southern Wisconsin and soon found his own whitetail dream property in the summer of 2021.

After touring several properties with “home” agents during his search, Tom quickly realized the need for well rounded home and land specialist. Tom’s 30 plus years in the home building business as well as land management makes him a valuable asset to clients.

A recent relocation to Richland Center in SW Wisconsin has also allowed him to bring his 25 years of experience hunting the western mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana to the driftless region’s hills. Understanding thermals, locating escape routes and pinch points is crucial to hunting the “hills”, and Tom is eager to pass his knowledge and experience of these to his clients.

Tom’s low key, low pressure sales approach combined with home building and land management make him the perfect fit for buyer and seller alike.

Now Tom is sharing his love of the outdoors with his amazing wife, Jill and their 3 beautiful children. Son Alex, (who attends UW Wisconsin Madison), Daughter Olivia, (athlete extraordinaire) and Son Jacob, (who walks in dads footsteps doing everything outdoors.)

Trevor Schroeder

Trevor was born and raised in Greenville, WI and currently lives in New London, WI with his wife and young son.

Trevor comes from a long line of hunters and has been a avid outdoors man since he can remember. Land management and hunting are his true passions. In his free time, you can find him working on food plots, shed hunting, checking trail cameras, and anything else in the outdoors. He takes yearly trips out west elk hunting with his Father and brother and can’t wait to take his son, Oliver.

Trevor got the bug to get into real estate after interacting with Jeremy when his family purchased land through Whitetail Dreams. He enjoyed every aspect of the process, from searching for the right property, touring properties, down to the negotiating. With his expertise and knowledge Trevor hopes to help you find that dream property and make the experience as enjoyable as it was for him.