Jeremy VanHulle

Jeremy VanHulle – Founder & Broker Owner of Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC

Born and raised amidst the rugged landscapes of Northeast Wisconsin, Jeremy Whitetail’s journey into the world of real estate is as unique and diverse as the terrain he calls home. Jeremy’s early years were marked by a love for hunting, a passion instilled in him from a young age. However, it was the introduction to bow hunting at the tender age of 10 that ignited a fervor for whitetail hunting, shaping the course of his life in unforeseen ways.

After graduating high school, Jeremy embarked on a path towards a civil engineering degree, drawn by the promise of a different kind of landscape. However, fate had other plans for him when he stumbled upon the Abstract and Title Insurance business. A deep dive into this realm opened his eyes to the intricate world of land trade—where properties were divided by government mandates, public records held untold stories, and the fundamentals of real estate were laid bare. This knowledge became the bedrock of Jeremy’s expertise, as he delved into understanding chain of title events, mapping legal descriptions, and navigating the complexities of real estate transactions, from initiation to closure.

Over two decade of dedicated service in the real estate industry honed Jeremy’s skills, but it was a realization about the fading charm of small-town service that spurred him into action. Fueled by a desire to bridge the gap and provide a unique experience, Jeremy founded Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC. Here, the ethos is simple yet profound—old-school customer service combined with a wealth of real estate knowledge and a genuine passion for the great outdoors.

At Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC, Jeremy is not just a broker; he’s a dedicated advocate for hunters seeking their dream property. His extensive real estate background, coupled with an unwavering love for the outdoors, positions him uniquely to understand and fulfill the aspirations of clients looking to buy or sell land. Jeremy envisions his company as a beacon of personalized service, where every transaction is an opportunity to create lasting relationships.

For those embarking on the journey of land sale or purchase, Jeremy Whitetail stands as the embodiment of a full-time real estate broker who shares your love for the outdoors. Trust Whitetail Dreams Real Estate LLC to turn your property dreams into reality, where expertise meets passion, and exceptional customer service is not just a promise but a way of life.

Patrick Guyse

Patrick Guyse – Real Estate Associate Broker

Born and raised in the heart of a family deeply rooted in the traditions of hunting and fishing, Patrick’s journey into the outdoors began as soon as he could wield a BB gun or cast a Zebco. The source of his unwavering passion for nature and the thrill of the hunt is attributed to his father, with whom Patrick spent countless days hunting throughout southern Wisconsin. A turning point came at the age of twelve when Patrick found himself perched in a portable stand with a bow in hand, an experience orchestrated by his father that ignited a lifelong love affair with bow hunting whitetail deer. His first harvest, shared with his grandfather, marked the beginning of what can only be described as a familial obsession with hunting that goes beyond a mere pastime—it’s a way of life.

Patrick’s dedication to the outdoors led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His subsequent career as a Forester has taken him across the landscapes of Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota. As the founder of Antler Ridge Forestry, Patrick extends his expertise to offer additional forestry consultation services to real estate clients, ensuring that they not only buy or sell land but also understand and maximize its potential for growth, health, and wildlife habitat enhancement.

Living near La Valle in Sauk County with his wife, Monique, Patrick and his better half share a passion for outdoor adventures. Regular trips become opportunities for Monique to proudly recount her fishing conquests and, on occasion, claim the bigger buck. Nestled on a piece of land adjacent to family property, they enjoy the luxury of walking out their back door into the deer woods. For Patrick, the Whitetail Dreams lifestyle isn’t just a concept—it’s a reality, with his days defined by working and living outdoors.

With Patrick as your Real Estate Associate Broker, you can trust that your transaction goes beyond the paperwork; it’s about understanding the land and embracing the lifestyle. His background in forestry adds a unique dimension to the real estate experience, providing clients with confidence and knowledge about the product at hand—land that holds the promise of fulfilling their own Whitetail Dreams.

Patrick Young

Patrick Young – Real Estate Associate Broker

Meet Patrick Young, a devoted Real Estate Consultant and Broker based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, serving the enchanting landscapes of Northeastern Wisconsin. Beyond his professional endeavors, Patrick is a family man, married with four children and blessed with 10 grandchildren. His joy extends beyond the real estate realm, as he cherishes spending his free time with loved ones, whether it’s in the company of family or friends, navigating the woods, or enjoying the tranquility of the water.

With over 30 years of experience working with customers and clients, Patrick’s dedication to excellence is unwavering. His goals as a Real Estate Consultant are clear:

  1. Meeting or Exceeding Expectations: Patrick strives to go above and beyond, ensuring that each client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded.
  2. Empowering Decision-Making: His aim is to put you in the best possible position to make informed decisions throughout your real estate transaction.
  3. Smooth Transaction: Patrick is a problem solver, committed to ensuring a seamless and stress-free real estate experience for his clients.
  4. Tough Negotiator: Renowned as a tough negotiator, Patrick always works in your best interest, securing favorable outcomes with tenacity and skill.

Patrick’s journey into real estate began by honing his expertise in various specialties, building on a foundation rooted in his lifelong passion for the outdoors. As an experienced outdoorsman, he naturally gravitated towards vacant land and waterfront property. The early days of his career saw him guiding whitetails with one of the Midwest’s premier outfitters, providing valuable insights into habitat management, stand placement strategies, and the art of using wind and thermals to one’s advantage.

His transition into real estate was seamless, sparked by requests from friends seeking his assessment of vacant land purchases. Since then, Patrick has dedicated himself to mastering every facet of land-related transactions, delving into topics such as Managed Forest Law (MFL), Conservation Easements, Surveys, and Wetland Delineations.

Patrick’s expertise extends to residential real estate, where he climbed the ranks from the ground up, earning his stripes as a successful Residential Agent before making the pivotal decision to become a Real Estate Broker. At the heart of his philosophy is a unique perspective—he doesn’t see himself as a salesperson but rather as a matchmaker, bringing together clients with properties that perfectly align with their dreams and aspirations.

Being part of our Firm allows Patrick to offer specialized services to his clients in a way that sets him apart. His commitment to being a matchmaker reflects his passion for creating lasting connections in the real estate world. When you choose Patrick Young as your Real Estate Associate Broker, you’re not just gaining a professional; you’re gaining a dedicated guide and matchmaker committed to realizing your real estate dreams.

Patrick O'Hearn

Patrick O’Hearn- Your Trusted Recreational Property Specialist

Patrick, a seasoned and licensed real estate broker in both Wisconsin and Michigan, has been dedicated to helping individuals fulfill their dreams of owning and selling recreational properties since 1995. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, with particular emphasis on recreational lots and land, Wisconsin hunting land, lakeside lots in Wisconsin, Menominee River properties, and charming cabin and cottage listings.

With a passion for the great outdoors, Patrick seamlessly blends work and pleasure. Whether he’s navigating the woods or gliding along the water, you’ll often hear him exclaim, “I can’t believe this is my job.” This genuine enthusiasm underscores his commitment to not just a career but a way of life—one that revolves around the landscapes he loves and the properties he knows like the back of his hand.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Patrick is a devoted family man, married with two children who share his profound appreciation for the wonders of nature. The echoes of laughter from family outings and shared adventures resonate in his personal and professional life.

If you’re on the hunt for a vacation property in the picturesque landscapes of Wisconsin or Michigan, Patrick is your go-to expert. His wealth of experience, combined with an authentic love for the outdoors, ensures that your real estate journey is not just a transaction but a tailored experience crafted around your unique desires.

Give Patrick a call, and let him guide you through the process of finding the perfect recreational property. With Patrick as your real estate ally, you’re not just securing a property; you’re gaining a trusted partner who shares your passion for the great outdoors and understands the true value of the land you seek.

Jason Goudreau

Jason Goudreau Whitetail Dreams Real Estate Land Specialist

Growing up amidst the natural beauty of central Wisconsin, Jason’s lifelong passion for the outdoors traces its roots back to his early years. His initial fascination involved chasing Walleye and White Bass along the renowned Wolf River, setting the stage for a journey that would intertwine his love for nature and real estate.

Outdoor Heritage:

At the tender age of 12, Jason embarked on regular 3-hour journeys to North Eastern Wisconsin, joining his father in the pursuit of whitetails. The woods became a canvas for building cherished memories with his father and uncle every fall. This early exposure forged a deep-seated love and passion for hunting, as well as the ownership and upkeep of hunting land.

Family and Values:

Jason is a devoted family man, married with three children. Balancing his professional life with active involvement in his children’s school activities and sports, he has successfully integrated his family values with his outdoor pursuits. While the demands of parenthood have shifted the pace of his hunting adventures, his passion for the outdoors endures.

Professional Journey:

A proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a degree in Business Management, Jason brings a robust foundation of knowledge to his real estate career. Residing in Wittenberg, he has cultivated an intimate understanding of the local landscape and its unique real estate opportunities.

Beyond Real Estate:

Jason’s diverse interests include hunting, fishing, trapping, and competitive trap shooting. These hobbies not only enhance his understanding of the outdoor lifestyle but also allow him to connect with clients on a personal level.

Giving Back to the Outdoors:

Despite a busy schedule, Jason takes pride in introducing his daughters to the wonders of the outdoors through activities like trapping, with plans to share the experience of hunting in the near future.

Client-Centric Approach:

In his real estate endeavors, Jason thrives on the opportunity to meet new people and assist them in finding the perfect parcel of land. Whether clients are seeking a sanctuary for their whitetail dreams or a tranquil retreat, Jason’s commitment to delivering exceptional service is unwavering.

Embodying a seamless blend of professional acumen and a genuine love for the outdoors, Jason is not merely a real estate agent but a trusted guide in helping others realize their dreams in the vast and diverse landscapes of Wisconsin.